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Natural Beauty, Global Attraction- We have it all!

The Whitsundays lifestyle

The Whitsundays is clearly a great place to live.

Picture it.....

You can actually live in one of the world’s best tourist destinations, a place where other people dream about visiting for a holiday..... alongside the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands, enjoying the tropical climate and island lifestyle full of heritage, wildlife and natural wonders. Where you can experience fishing, sailing, and diving at their best!

But it can’t all be fun... in terms of work, business and employment opportunities are at your doorstep with the region being surrounded by the busy North Queensland mining and resource sector including the booming Bowen Basin and the developing Galilee Basin, both world renowned mining provinces. The Whitsundays also boasts the developing port of Abbot Point which has potential to soon become the largest coal loading facility in the world and home to the 6,000ha proposed industrial land bank State Development Area.

Driving through the region you are surrounded by lush agriculture land, with fields of sugar cane, tomatoes, mangoes, coffee, and a range of other fresh produce which make the Whitsundays the largest winter growing vegetable region in Australia. Local fruit and vegetables are at your fingertips with markets, retailers and restaurants all taking advantage of fresh supplies.

Very importantly, you can enjoy the security and safety that comes with having the support of a regional community with good education and health care facilities, and well-organised local transport providers and infrastructure. Each town’s friendly community atmosphere and social offerings invite you to be involved and make you feel at home.

You can afford to choose from reasonably priced housing, whether it be in rural, suburban or coastal areas. The regions housing market has recently been mentioned as a ‘Hotspot’ for investors due to the future projected economic and population growth, growth that is being sustainably managed by Council and the Community.

The Whitsundays delivers a safe, diverse and fulfilling environment for its resident population when compared with other coastal Queensland towns. Living here offers a truly unique opportunity for a happy healthy lifestyle.


The Whitsundays, perfectly placed